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Being a Christian at Home by Melody Green
Price now: $2.99
You may be "Mr. Spiritual" at church, but how would your family rate your Christianity? If we can't live out the Gospel in our own homes, we'll never be effective in reaching the world for Jesus. Melody helps us take a good, hard look at ourselves, and gives some sound advice for glorifying Jesus in our families.

Endurance During Adversity by Melody Green
Price now: $2.99
Melody shares from her own life experience and how we can get through difficult times.

No Compromise Audiobook - The Life Story of Keith Green by Melody Green
Price now: $5.99
Download this MP3. Narrated by Melody Green. This is more than a simple reading of No Compromise, it's packed with music and the personal reflections of those who impacted his life.

Openness and Honesty by Melody Green
Price now: $1.99
Openness and Honesty -- Letting Yourself be Known Is it hard for you to share those things that are really on your heart? Do you appear to be a different person on the outside that who you truly are? Learning to communicate with openness and honesty will revolutionize all your relationships -- your marriage, your friendships and even your relationship with the Lord.

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